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  1. Excellent Frontline (PBS) program on the economic decline
  2. 1004mc
  3. LSI and MLS Data Collection Request
  4. Outrageous behavior from lenders and realtors
  5. The Permit Police Strikes Again!
  6. an acceptable remaining economic life for a newer CB home is 100 years.
  7. Gba For Multi Families
  8. "Connecting Dots" or "Was that a shoe I heard dropping?"
  9. Re Max Commercial
  10. When Sales Comparison is Worthless
  11. Coffee News
  12. How many months of supply is oversupply?
  13. Concession Adjustment
  14. No good comps.
  15. Why Don't Residential Appraisers Explain Anything?
  16. Subject: 3,700 SF; Comp 1: 1,800 SF
  17. 2008 USPAP Update - Why?
  18. Alright, lets break it down then!
  19. Only successful busy appraisers need comment.
  20. charged back for review appraisal
  21. Transferring an appraisal to another client
  22. Appraisal Fraud up 46%, Funny Video, Even Mentor will enjoy this.
  23. Highest & Best Use Verbiage
  24. quick question about 1004mc
  25. For Trainees
  26. Wells Fargo
  27. How do you handle "revisions"?
  28. How to perform an appraisal for insurance purposes
  29. Don't know whether I should have always been doing this or not!
  30. Cash at the door
  31. FEMA appraisal requirements
  32. Collecting Unemployment
  33. Auto Damage Appraiser?
  34. How sweet it is
  35. California Appraisers on the Radio Today
  36. Concessions CDD Fees.
  37. How to appraise 36-unit duplex development
  38. REO online course completed, is it my understanding.
  39. Has anyone work for Metro-West Appraisals?
  40. It's a funny but odd thing with REO's
  41. HO copy of appraisal?
  42. How appraisers measure up.
  43. Effective Age
  44. Agent raising sales prices to cover CC again
  45. Chinese Drywall; What does your addendums say?
  46. Reported to Investigation Bureau
  47. Your state?
  48. Anyone get this stip?
  49. E&o
  50. Got to love the Wisconsin Realtors Association & the National Association of Realtors
  51. study aid.
  52. Check 2 boxes Neighborhood and Housing Trend Section
  53. How does your analysis compare to these figures?
  54. How does anyone become an appraiser today?
  55. Deed Restrictions: Evaluating the market effect and discount thereof
  56. Here is why you confirm comps
  57. Didn't see this coming.NAR & THEIR OWN AVM'S & DATA BASE
  58. Discounting when marketing time > 12 months
  59. "Big Box" house. for lack of better description
  60. Appraising "green" homes. SoCal appraiser needed asap!
  61. Lender wants original appraisal changed
  62. Cost to cure
  63. burnt out.
  64. Question?
  65. Suggestions please (private appraisal)
  66. Sr. Appraiser Wanted- Must Be Open To Travel To India To Train
  67. Interesting to Paruzz
  68. Paruzzal - Part 2
  69. Sale to list ratio - 1004MC
  70. Photo retrieval question