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  38. Question about a change of form/fee
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  43. Commonly used comments in addendum
  44. God Bless America!
  45. Poll - Duplex - Attached, Detached, end unit?
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  47. "Data mine and cross-reference" Is this how an AVM gets built?
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  49. Question Re 1004mc
  50. $60,000 Bathroom Adjustments
  51. Taking on a new area.
  52. Appraisal Buzz Valuation Expo vs. Appraisal Institute Annual Meeting? (Both in Vegas)
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  56. Underwriter's View
  57. Vacations
  58. Red lining
  59. Just curious as to who pays attention to
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  65. Law Firm Ad
  66. AMC Regulation
  67. Undue Influence
  68. What is it like being a staff appraiser now a days for one of the AMCs?
  69. Please comment regarding the Contract Price being higher than the Appraised Value.
  70. Short- and Long-lived items