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  1. Kitty Kitty at work proof reading
  2. Vacation
  3. In case you missed it
  4. Lonesome Traveler
  5. Luxury Hotel Room for $19 per night
  6. New Preamble To The Constitution
  7. Helicopter & Airplane mid-air in NY
  8. Appraisers on DRUGS says SRA
  9. Okra
  10. Ana.The Storm
  11. The Cove -dolphin slaughter in Japan
  12. Congratulations to Suz-E
  13. AMC SALE- SNOPES reports this rumor may or may not be true
  14. Save the planet!
  15. Starting off the week right, email from friend
  16. Big day for my Daughter tomorrow
  17. Finally, the truth about health care
  18. Oldie Still a Good 'Un - " I WISH YOU ENOUGH"
  19. Happy Birthday Janet!
  20. Square Dancing tractors
  21. What would you do?
  22. Brett Favre to sign with the Vikings!
  23. Extreme Sheep Herding
  24. My Name Is Not Reggie - A Dog Story
  25. Happy Birthday! Tom, Fritz, & Jim
  26. From a duplex listing.
  27. Drug Test
  28. So, you think you know how to ride a bicycle?
  29. Will Michael Vick ever be forgiven?
  30. AYE YA GOTTA LUV THE IRISH.(add yours)
  31. Suz-E's new arrival!
  32. OREP for pay survey
  33. Thursdays Paddle * part 1
  34. Mensa Quickie Quizz 4 fun.
  35. Happy Birthday Frank!
  36. Crowds Panic as FLOODS Threaten IRELAND!
  37. Who Invented Sweet Tea
  38. AMA on National Health Plan
  39. Day pillows. What are they good for
  40. National DEBT CLOCK is ticking
  41. Remember Lee Iacocca?
  42. Elvis and MJ found alive
  43. On a lighter note.
  44. Concensus of scientists takes another hit.
  45. Very Funny Website
  46. License Plate Search
  47. New Millennium AMC Communication Center
  48. Appraiser Stress Disorder - Asd
  49. NYC's Skinnest House for $2.7M
  50. Happy Birthday, Smokey Bear
  51. Anybody need day-care in Anaheim, CA?
  52. Turn up the Sound
  53. Hilarious Craigslist Ad
  54. Teen Hit by a car for 4th Time
  55. Location, Location, Location
  56. makes my day
  57. Model B - 29 with X1
  58. Four Long Years
  59. My brother has to take traffic school
  60. The Goldberg Brothers
  61. Another New Family Member
  62. Frost on the Pumpkin this morning!
  63. Herman Miller Aeron
  64. BAB -Bad A$ Boat
  65. Johnny Carson/Dom Deluise AMAZING TRICK has never been duplicated since
  66. Iím thinking of becoming a real estate appraisal
  67. The thing about fostering dogs
  68. The People Of Walmart
  69. Wow!
  70. More on Time Adjustments