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Default Joplin Hospital

St. John's being destroyed in the tornado, the news kept reporting that "area hospitals" handled the emergency load. St. Johns is part of the Mercy system and we even got a few folks down here in NW Ark...but as much as I have listened to it, never once has Freeman Hospital been mentioned by name.

Never mind they operated on over 100 people, treated some 1000 in the parking lot alone, .... did it lose it's name? I have yet to hear the news utter the word "Freeman" only "area hospitals" ... Like Freeman isn't within 10 blocks of St. Johns.

Just curious why the news seems to have a "blackout" of the name "Freeman"...

BTW, we are getting more news on Joplin than the residents..many who still do not have electricity or even TV. Freeman had television restored only last Friday themselves and have been running on back up generators until then.
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