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2017 Appraiser Fee And Turn-time Survey

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Nov 9, 2011
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very interested ... will return to this when i have time to read. Thanks for posting

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Hey all! We ran a story today I think many of you will be interested in. We have over 7,000 responses to our 2017 Fee and Turn-Time Survey.

Click through to read our Analysis of the survey so far, AND to see the average Fees and Turn-Times in your area.


Give me a free listing in your mag and I'll click on your link.

Until then, not interested in helping your ad rev. Nor am I interested in a survey of folks that don't represent my situation, skill level (lower mid-level), clients needs, etc.

I'm interested in something called free market capatalism dictating fees. Some people are worth $800 an appraisal. I'm only worth $250. At times I get people to pay $400 for $250 worth of service in my opinion. Called capitalism. They didn't shop around Or think my $250 service is worth $400.
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