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Jan 13, 2002
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Retired Appraiser
I received this email, chatted with Bob about it, and decided to put the whole email on here. PLEASE, do sign the NC petition! If we can help make what might be the worse state board better, it will be easier to help the rest get better. Whether or not you agree with Bob and his tactics, at least he is working very hard to make changes for the better. By the way, his activism has not made him a pariah. He is also a very busy Appraiser with numerous good clients that have not shunned him for trying to change things. Those of you afraid to sign anything because it might harm your business are wrong. My business has never been better - even though I'm an activist and have signed both petitions.

Pamela Crowley



I am sending out the following letter to over 3,000 appraiser in NC. Over 600 have already been mailed. I am covering the cost ($1,800.00 +) out of my own pocket. No where in my letter do I mention that I am a USPAP Instructor and offering classes...nor do I promote myself for a seat on the NCAB. No matter, I am sure I will be criticized for the letter.

Please do a post on the upcoming Legislative session in NC and that ALL appraiser on the forum from ALL states need to take a look at the NC Petition and also email all the NC legislators at the address in my letter.

If we can wake up some people in NC....perhaps any appraisers in other states can do the same.

I have determined that the vast majority of appraisers:

a) don't' care
B) refuse to get involved
c) are cowards (don't know how to say no to lenders and are afraid to speak out for appraisal reform)
d) only care about THEIR organization
e) feel no need to "give something back" to the profession
f) are grossly uninformed about regulation and oversight happenings
g) are going to sit back until our profession caves in

I do not seek any thanks or self promotion at all! I just want some appraisers to wake up and take part in the future of appraising.

1218 Heatherloch Drive
Gastonia, NC 28054
704 867-1985
704 868-9736
[email protected]


To all North Carolina Real Estate Appraisers:

May all of you have a prosperous 2003! We face a lot of new challenges in the coming year including increased scrutiny and oversight of the appraisal industry. There are many new rules and regulations for 2003 and even more being discussed and planned for the near future.

One of the most important events in 2003 will be the appointment of several new NCAB members. Governor Easley VETOED the board and commission appointments bill in November of 2002. This means at least two members will need to be appointed for terms, that expired 06/30/2002. In addition there will be two more seats, which will expire on 06/30/2003. This totals FOUR SEATS on the NCAB, which will need appointments or reappointments in 2003. The 2002 APPOINTMENTS BILL, vetoed by Gov. Easley vetoed also included TWO ADDITIONAL SEATS to be added to the NCAB. If these additional seats are in fact added, there will be SIX NCAB seats to be filled in 2003.

I would like to ask you to visit http://www.appraiserspetition.com/nc/
where you will find The North Carolina Appraisers Petition. This petition will be sent to all NC Legislators when the session opens in late January 2003. Please read this petition and if you agree, please SIGN IT online. This purpose of this petition is to encourage all legislators to take these NCAB appointments seriously and make sure that the NCAB members (who CONTROL YOUR LIVELIHOOD) are the most competent, honest, informed and capable appraisers possible.

I am also asking YOU to inform other appraisers in your county (and anywhere else) about this petition and encourage them to sign. Please e-mail, phone, fax or write every appraiser you know and ask them to spread the word. I would also ask you to contact ALL NC LEGISLATORS and let them know that these NCAB appointments are important to you and ALL NC appraisers. You can send an E-MAIL to ALL NC LEGISLATORS at: [email protected]

Would you be willing to help????? If you would be willing to help get this letter out to other appraisers, please contact me ASAP. We need "County Captains" to help in all 100 NC counties. Please contact me, (Bob Ipock) by phone, fax or email to help get the word out to all 3,800 appraisers in NC.

Please see other side for some important information.


Bob Ipock
NC State Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser, A2901

"If YOU don't get involved.......who will?"

Want to keep up with appraisal news, events and changes???? Visit the sites listed below.

NCPAC (North Carolina Professional Appraisers Coalition) - A recently formed organization formed BY appraisers and FOR appraisers in North Carolina.

AppraisersForum - An excellent website for and about appraisers. You can ask questions, give advice, learn new appraisal techniques and stay up to date on appraisal related issues.

North Carolina Appraisal Board - Official website for the NCAB.

NC General Assembly - Contact your legislators, read laws/bills etc.

National Registry - Official site of the Appraisal Sub-Committee (ASC) for appraisers who are approved for Federally Related Transaction appraisals.

FHA/HUD - Approved appraisers listings and other FHA/HUD information.

The Appraisal Foundation - Official site for The Appraisal Foundation, included USPAP information, AQB/ASB news etc.

Get involved! Read, learn, grow, ask, speak up and out. Keep your NCAB members and legislators informed about your concerns and issues of the appraisal profession. If they do not hear from you they will assume all is well.
Jan 16, 2002
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General Public
North Carolina
Pamela and Bob

It will be interesting to see what kind of response Bob's letter recieves.

About five years ago, I sent out a letter, (at my own expense) to all appraisers in the state asking for their comments regarding a petition to ask our board to have its investigators (who are appraisers) to accomplish Standard Three reviews when commenting on the quality of work product. As our state is a mandatory state in which all appraisers must comply with USPAP Std 1, 2, and 3, I believed our board was acting illegally and unethically by exempting their own investigators.

Out of this mailing, I recieved about 100 phone calls, e-mails or letters; about 150 attended the rule making hearing. The board denied the requested changes, but the petition did in fact obtain part of the desired result in that many individuals became aware that the NCAB warranted closer inspection.

Five years ago, the only regular attendees at board meeting were David Johnson and myself, now we have all appraisal organizations including the newly formed appraisers coalition paying attention and often have 10-15 appraiers attending as public members.

While David and I have certainly stirred the pot initially, I did want to acknnowledge that the NCAR Appaisal Section has played a significant role, behind the scenes, working to get the NCAB to be more responsive to the needs of appraisers. Once they bcame aware of the problems, under the leadership of Charles Hinnant, GAA (now a board member) and David Reitzel, GAA, this organization has worked diligently but often out of the limelight, to make the board more responsive to the requests of appriasers for change. The most recent initiative is that the NCAR has hired an individual whose sole task is to attend boards and commissions meetings, relating to real estate, and to report to the members on what is going on. I am hoping that this next NCAB meeting will have this individual in attendance but as he was only hired in the past week, this may be a little early for him to get up and going.

The other individual who has risen to the challenge was Bob Ipock. Correct me if I am wrong Bob, but I believe the rule making petition was when you first became aware that the board was acting improperly. Few have the courage to take action, but Bob has certainly shown the willingness to express his opinions on improprieties he has observed with the board.

At any rate, five years later, we now have the impetous to get new board members assigned and to get some fresh ideas generated internally. Secondly, the NCAB, having been providing the leadership in AARO for the past several years, is now know by the AF to be part of the problem in establishing a professional and equitable disciplinary policy nationwide.

I am hopeful that 2003 will see significant changes and that Bob's letter will serve to increase the awareness of the problems at the NCAB. Perhaps we will see more appraisers be willing to take a stance.


Tom Hildebrandt GAA

USPAP Compliant

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Jan 15, 2002
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Certified Residential Appraiser
North Carolina
No, Bob, No! Bob is not able. Bob need LOTS of folks to wite some letters and sign the petitions (both of them) and do something.

Not much gets older than the same few people screamin' about this or that. New peopl, more people, more issues.
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