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A few topics

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Jan 17, 2017
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I was wondering what some of you in Illinois are experiencing in the current market. I'm seeing quite a few over-sold properties, multi-offer situations. Any similar experiences?

Busy or slow? I've been rather slow. Initially thinking that the refi market would carry me, but I recently discovered that one of my clients is getting a high percentage of "appraisal waivers", so no appraisal needed for many transactions. Another client is a community bank and said that PPP applications hit them hard. Anyone else similar?

Thanks for any responses.

Lee in L.A.

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Jan 24, 2002
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I'm not in IL. Been slow, but have picked up speed a little the last couple weeks.
Picked up a new to me AMC that is only willing to pay meh fees, but has work.

Got a first order from one I signed up with almost 2 years ago.
OK fee. Only issue is the house has a funny angle wing on one side, and is iirc 5700 SF.
Will not be easy to measure. At least there appear to be comps.
Agent says an appraiser was assigned and had the order for a week, but never called. Hmmm.......
Guess I'll see.

My "regular" clients have become irregular.
I guess sending them some Exlax would be an inappropriate joke. :leeann2:
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