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A Good Explaination Of Regression

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Jan 15, 2002
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Found this and thought it might promote some lively conversation.


Heres is the best paragraph in my opinion and drives right to my contention of where Banks and other big lenders have been Hoodwinked by Slick quick talking Salesman peddling there AVM's.

Using Linear Regression in Real Estate Market Analysis
and Projection
By Frank Gallinelli

"We need to keep in mind that, as with most projections, the quality of our output is entirely dependent on the quality of our input. We certainly have to make appropriate choices for our comparables. Otherwise we can't reasonably expect to achieve meaningful results. In addition, the kind of index we select must relate consistently to value. If we find tax assessments to be unreliable, we may want to try gross living area or experiment with a scoring system (X points for each bedroom, Y points for each bath, etc.). "
Not open for further replies.
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