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Accurate Group Launches Valuation Solution For Capital Markets Portfolios

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Randolph Kinney

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Apr 7, 2005
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North Carolina
Designed for asset managers, hedge funds, and investment banks and firms

The technology solution is a combination of the company’s ValueNet appraisal tech platform and industry-compliant appraisal processes unique to capital market firms. It provides fast, accurate valuations on portfolios that include real estate, whole loan sales, mortgage portfolios, mortgage pools and mortgage-backed securities, according to the company.

The ValueNet appraisal suite combines the best desktop appraisal techniques with the hands-on expertise of local appraisers to give you fast, accurate results. Our innovative technology sets us apart and gives you a competitive advantage in processing residential real estate loans.

ValueNet can be used for home equity loans, loan portfolio analysis, mortgage loan valuation and default servicing.


Everyone wants an appraisal but they don't want to pay top dollar for one. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for ... sometimes. :)


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May 16, 2005
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I used to do contract work for one of the larger California-State Credit Unions.
Going into the housing bubble, their portfolio started to take on additional risk (unfortunately for them, nearly all of their portfolio were 2nd liens).
They needed valuations on the state-wide portfolio to evaluate their risk. It was not practical nor necessary for them to get appraisals. So we sent out bids to some of the AVM providers at that time and contracted one to do the portfolio analysis.
If I were doing the same thing today for a client, I'd likely recommend the AVM run on the entire portfolio but back-it-up with a selected sample using a product like this. Based on those results, I could kick-it-up on an individual basis for the most at-risk assets.

Everyone wants an appraisal but they don't want to pay top dollar for one.

Actually, I think Santora described it more accurately...
Nobody wants an appraisal, they just want to know what its worth.

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