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Ad Valorem Experience?

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Jul 3, 2002
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I've been a long time lurker and occasional poster here for a while. As the sole breadwinner, I've been hesitant to change careers and take the immediate pay cut. I think I'm now ready to take the plunge, but for now, I think the Ad Valorem route is the best way for me to go. I'm still considering as options working on my own down the line or hooking up with a fee appraiser on the side. Working with state or county assessors will hopefully give me a predictable income, stable work, assorted benefits and paid-for training. I realize the upside money potential is limited for the same reasons.

I have a lot of the resume stuff going for me; bachelors degree in economics, lotsa' number crunching experience background from banking and brokerage, and most of the initial appraiser training recently completed.

With that said, any counsel from you folks as to what types of questions I should anticipate in such an interview, or for that matter, what kinds if questions I should be asking of them? One thing I anticipated is whether I would be permitted to do fee work while working for the assessor's office. The local counties (Salt Lake, Davis and Weber) generally prohibit private work in the same county, while the state does not limit private work. I realistically have 3 counties could work withing in either capacity (Fee or Ad Valorem).

Within appraisersforum, would ad valorem appraisers "hang out" in the commercial forum or elsewhere. Are there other web forums that cater more to that type of niche?

Farm Gal

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Jan 14, 2002
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I suggest you repost your query on the general forum and hope that some of our AVTA appraisers will respond. I know of three who fairly regularly peruse the forums, but who may not check this one.

Depending on where youa re talking baout working you might want to do a couple 'pre-interview' interviews in counties other than the one in which you are considering application! Most assessors are pretty nice folk and might be willing to share some tips... there is also a whole forum someplace on the web which is for AVTA's!

good luck!

walt kirk

I worked for over five years as a local tax assessor. During that time I did not accept assignments in the town in which I was assessor, this was difficult because the assessment job was part-time and my appraisal business was located in the same town.

If you want to get a good start don't even think of doing outside work during the first six months to year of your employment. After that time don't do any work in the area in which you are assessor.
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