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Adding PDFs

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Laughing Heir

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Oct 16, 2007
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One of the toolbars in Aurora allows the user to add PDFs to the appraisal report. We've created at 15 page supplemental addenda with Word that includes the location map, flood map, plat, photos, etc. It's quicker to populate this addenda than doing it through Aurora.

When we click on this add button and append the addenda to the report it increases the size of the bz1 file for that assignment by about 10 mb. The PDF that we load into the report isn't large at all but something is causing it to drastically bloat the size of file in wintotal. (i.e. from 3 mb to 16 mb, size of pdf is around 2-3 mb).

Does anyone know of a way to compress or change a diagnostic somewhere to decrease this for ease of emailing and archiving?

Tom Woolford

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Nov 20, 2005
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Certified Residential Appraiser
One of the reasons for using the ALM tools to do maps, photos etc, is better control of file size. To the best of my knowledge there is no solution to your problem except use Aurora the accomplish these tasks. Btw, I don't understand how it could be faster to create the things outside Total. Maps, photos, and adding a couple single page PDF's to the Aurora file only takes me a couple of min. You may want to review a couple of the training videos on the ALM site. I have about 10 different Narrative "Templates" I use for the URAR. They were created in Word, then stored in the Narrative page "file cabinet". It only takes a second to load the appropriate addenda.

Hall McClenahan

My understanding is once imported you can right click and treat it just like a photo. Select smaller size and let it optimize
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