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AlaMode software question

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Vince Vaughn

Freshman Member
Dec 30, 2002
Professional Status
Certified General Appraiser
I am new to the forum so I hope I am not kicking a dead horse. I changed from SFREP to DayOne software to work with 1 lender 3-4 years ago. DayOne was a step backwards at the time but has since evolved into something relatively simple and generally reliable to use. Around 18 months ago, I purchased the new Athena from AlaMode with the platinum contract. With the delay in the release of Athena, they sent me their older software at first. We only put 5-6 appraisals on the old software, and only 1 or 2 on the new Athena. While Athena appears to be a very good, very thorough appraisal program, it consistently takes us substantially longer to prepare an appraisal on AlaMode software as compared to Nova from DayOne. I feel certain at least part of this is a learning curve problem, but we can't take a couple of days off to travel over 100 miles just to learn how to use the software. Is there anyone else who has changed from DayOne Nova software to AlaMode and could let me know if Alamode really is slower and more difficult to use or if we have just not learned how to use it properly yet? Thanks for your help and sorry for the long posting.

Pat Butler

Senior Member
Jan 17, 2002
Professional Status
Certified Residential Appraiser
I don't use any of Alamode's products because they've always seemed way too complex and bloated as compared to other programs. You'll get a million different answers in this forum because everyone has their favorite software. I imagine that long time users of Almode software get used to the incremental additions to the program and that it's easier to use as time goes on. Initially however, the program can be daunting because there's so much extra junk thrown in-- oops, I meant features.

It seems that SFREP and Clickforms is probably on the less complex side, with DayOne's stuff in the middle and Alamode and ACI at the more complex. Just my opinion....

Mary Caffey

Sophomore Member
Feb 22, 2002
We used Day One for years but it was so unstable- would swap photos from comps to comps- etc- so we switched to Wintotal and are really happy with it- Never took a class in my life and dont think the learning cuve is so high expect I went from Winsketch to Apex and it was a little different.

Good luck whatever you decide

Mary in Texas
Jan 15, 2002
Professional Status
Certified Residential Appraiser

There was a huge contrast in time required when a la mode changed from a DOS version to Windows. Athena is more elegant than any other program I have used. (Homeputer DOS version, and Toolbox, early Windows version). However, it was hard to learn and is still more time-consuming. Now, I'm semi-retired, do reports only for Estates, Divorce, Foreclosure/REO and Bankruptcy, where time is not so much a factor.

Wish I had a solution for you. What about a la mode's money-back guarantee? Still in effect for you? Have you seen Bradford's Click Form adv. in Real Estate Valuation Maganzine?
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