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Alternative methods of sending reports

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George W Dodd

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Jul 9, 2002
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Okay, need some help to figure out if this is a viable solution to replace the "portals" and general email that reports are being sent through.

Find as many pros and cons as you can. Winner gets a kiss from the fortunite of your choice! :rof: (not responsible for denial of service).

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Sep 16, 2007
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We use a couple of ways that we deliver our reports. They are all in a PDF format.
(1) we send them by MailBigfile.com
(2) we also have an FTP server that we have most of our clients on and a file and log on for each client. That way they can download it anytime they want plus if they need to give us anything they can just upload it to us.

And then we have everything backed up by our computer and another one off site at Carbonite.com.

We mostly deal with Commerial reports (99.5%.) the reports are generally 150 - 250 pages (40 - 60 mb.)

Mike Kennedy

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Sep 28, 2003
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New York
sure ......wireless direct to PC server at the clients ops center - where........... they can edit it to their hearts content ONLY FASTER.

Regardless of common thought on the Appraisers end - from the Consumer and the Customer perspective ....... until proven otherwise in a Court - and the Legislature and then ENFORCED........

we ordered a PRODUCT, we paid for it, we own it and can do anything we wish to it and/or use any PARTS of it that are "sufficient for our needs". you have a problem with that....... fine...... we'll order from someone else..... no skin off our noses........ we WILL get what we want. Period.

.......while the band plays on........
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