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Amco American Guild Announcement

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Farm Gal

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Jan 14, 2002
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Sigh.. HOW does one edit the title areas... as usual I didn't see my typo/spelling error until after I posted... really, I AM a professional....

Bill: You are obviously making progress and contacts. Thank you for your hard work!

Thank you, also, Mr. Moore!

I have no specific opinion as to the efficay of such alignments but they certainly cannot hurt.

Originally posted by "Amco Press Release"

TO: Our Valued Appraisers

FROM: Patrick J. Moore, President

DATE: April 1, 2003

What does the information in this press release mean to you?

AMCO and the American Guild of Appraisers (AGA) want to work together to support the interests of appraisers, and to promote safety and soundness in lending.

AMCO encourages membership in the AGA, for an annual fee of $175.  Details are available from the AGA by calling Marion Latwinis at 609-263-3501.  General information about the AGA is available online at WWW.OPEIU.ORG.

By joining the AGA, appraisers realize several benefits, including:

1. Strong and effective representation in Washington on issues of importance to appraisers;

2. Benefits e.g., health insurance - programs of the highest quality due to AGA leverage via its relationship with the AFL-CIO; and,

3. More appraisal work - AMCO's preferred position on the Guild and union business will generate more orders for AGA member appraisers.

AMCO does not require that appraisers become members of the AGA; however, members will receive preference - and often a higher fee - on union and guild derived orders.  The full program will be launched around May 30, 2003.  Further updates and details about this alliance will be forwarded to you as they develop.

In a changing lending environment, AMCO and the AGA will work closely to cooperate with legislators and regulators in Washington D.C. for the interests of appraisers.

Mike Garrett RAA

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Jan 14, 2002
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Look for the union label....in my shorts but not my appraisals! Sorry.
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