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An Informed Borrower......

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Ghost Rider

Senior Member
Apr 27, 2003
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Banking/Mortgage Industry
Doing a COD Appraisal this afternoon, before I do the inspection, I verify that they remember the COD fee, and the husband starts to give me some $hit about it, "sure, just tell us what you will appraise the house for, and we will pay you" and then his wife hands me the certifed check for the right amount, and smiles, and says to him, (and I'm sure my eyes bugged out)

"stop that, he'll do his job, give the appraisal to the mortgage company, and when they have it, we will know what it appraised for"

I asked her if she was in the business, but she said no, she just thought that was how it was done.....

I never thought I'd see the day......perfect way to have the last appointment on a Friday go.......

Just thought I'd put a good story up to try to counteract some of the bad ones


Elite Member
Jan 22, 2002
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Certified General Appraiser
Had a similar one today. It's nice to have people who realize how things work and are informed. :D

Ross (CO)

Senior Member
Jan 17, 2002
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Certified Residential Appraiser
The only way one avoids the possible uncomfortable vibes from such a scenario as your's ......is when the client who hires us has already sent us our fee in advance. Of course, we are a long way from that ever being standard operating procedure. Fortunately, the guy's wife was the buffer for the moment. I probably would have said that "Visiting your house is just the start of a much longer process. Now I have to do the market data analysis and write up the report. But, I promise, I will conclude a value for your home that is honest and protect's YOUR interests. I am certain you want an honest valuation on YOUR home, right ?".......And, I look him right in the eyes as I say "your" home. Of course, I am smiling a little as I say that, and I am turning for the door at that moment to indicate that there is not much more to debate about it.

Bob Stainbrook

Sophomore Member
Jan 3, 2003
I agree whole heartedly. One other line that my clients all know and use is they tell the homeowner
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