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Another Network Problem

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Freshman Member
May 15, 2003
We have 7 computers on our network and our system has always had problems. Sometimes it's slow, freezes up, error messages, can't send files into new requests, losing the database, white screen Etc. When this happens, our whole office cannot work. So far Wintotal and our Network Guy (not sure if he is a network specialist or not) can't figure out what the problem is. We have spent ten's of thousands trying to fix these issues only to have the tech blame wintotal, and wintotal blame the network. I am really frustrated because we have had these huge, ongoing issues for over 10 years and nobody can figure out what is going on. I do not know much about computers at all. Our tech will come here, leave and we will have to call him the same day because our system crashes again. Is our tech intentionally not fixing the problem for job security, or is wintotal just that bad? Does anyone have a really smooth running system? Or is there a different type of software we should be looking at? If anyone has any advise, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Joe Gomberg

Sophomore Member
Jul 8, 2003
Although working in the computer field for a bit has taught me some things, I DO NOT have an answer to your problems other than recomending you consult with another network specialist. We have 6 computers on our network and it runs no problem with Wintotal. We have computers running different OS's, primarily XP and 2 Win98. From my understanding of Wintotal, you are running the program off the server, sort of like a dumb terminal. Wintotal should not affect your network as a whole at all. Some tell tale signs that you have network, not Wintotal problems, are if you exp. problems while WinTotal is not running. From your post it doesnt sound like you will get any relief of this problem bouncing back and forth from your network guy to Wintotal tech support. At least with consulting another network specialist, you will have successfully eliminated 1 part of your problem, if it doesnt cure it all together.

Let us know what happens.... I'm bettin 5 bucks you got a network problem any takers? :p


Freshman Member
Feb 12, 2002
Professional Status
Certified Residential Appraiser
What are the specs on your system? Running peer to peer with a workstation as a server, a dedicated server with windows 2000? What operating system is on your workstations - windows 98, 2000, me, xp? We sometimes have problems with the database in Dayone Nova. They use Acesss 97 for the database. After repairing then compacting the database file we typically have no other problems with the database. We have been told that once the database file (the tracking, accounting, and client data) - not the individual appraisal files reaches some arbitrary number - 40+ meg or something, we should consider an SQL server. They have installed this at several locations for larger client with as many as 50 users accessing the database. SQL software and server equipment is pricey.

Sean Braudrick

Sophomore Member
Jul 2, 2003
There is no reason you should be having problems with that few users unless you are trying to run "legacy" equipment with today's software. The network specs would be helpful in trying to give possible solutions.

If you're not comfortable with your network "guy" and don't know what his credentials are... ask him. In fact, most network engineers are pretty proud of their accomplishments and will have something like "MCSE" tacked behind their name on a business card like we have LRA, CRA, SRA, etc.

Networks freezing, white screens, etc. are generally network problems... unless the WinTotal DB has become corrupt, which I'm sure A La Mode's tech support checked.

My suggestion is to find a different network engineer in your area, one who is certified for your network environment (Windows, Novell, etc.) and have them look at it. As you know, these folks can be expensive, but so are we... and you get what you pay for!

Another thing is to find out where the corporate network geeks hang out... suprisingly, some of them do have social lives.... buy 'em a drink & pick their brains.... Plus, a lot of them are out of work and/or looking for side jobs.
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