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Jan 15, 2002
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Does anyone know how the Federal Registry reports disciplinary action? Does Federal include disciplinary action that any State Board approves?

What does State boards send to the National Registry? Any violations of seriousness so that Underwriters, lending institututions know that the appraisal that they have in their loan packet has been disciplined?

stefan olafson

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Apr 2, 2003
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North Dakota
In North Dakota they report any public suspensions and revocations. North Dakota has a system where the board offers you a settlement agreement. They ask you to typically complete a bunch of education, have each and every appraisal you do reviewed, A STANDARD III DESK REVIEW IS REQUIRED, then they request any number of appraisals and send them to an out of state expert.

If the out of state expert has different education and experience from you the chances of the reports being compliant are next to nil...

Then after all this the board either revokes the license or accepts the wrongdoing and lets the appraiser on their merry way. It depends on who the appraiser is and how much they have antagonized the board, I think????


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Aug 25, 2007
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My understanding is the National Registry lists only Revokes, Suspensions and Voluntary Surrenders, it does not list any other disciplinary actions. If Underwriters, mortgage brokers, loan officers, agencies involved in doing loans thru closing do not have access to history of disciplinary actions what is the purpose of the agency other than "does this appraiser really exist".
If any agency wants to check on an appraiser they have to call the State Board to ask if any discipline. It would seem that each State Board would have on their website a category for only these agencies to refer to so they can be more cautious of reviewing this appraisal. MB want appraisers to meet their criteria.
As a property owner, and relying on a broker, loan officer to do their due diligence of getting an appraiser that has none or minor infractions would be an asset I would want in appraising a piece of property. The homeowner does not know or usually has no say in who the appraiser will be and only at the time of signing does the homeowner can request the appraisal. Too late then.. the property is already mine
and I was not the intended user.
MB don't care as long as that appraiser will meet their demands
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