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Appraisal management compaines

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Jack Vines

Freshman Member
Jun 16, 2002
My wife and I both received our trainne license about two weeks ago. We were wondering if there is any chance that a AMC would be a possibllity of getting us started towards our 2,500 hours? Finding a mentor that will give only 1 appraisal a week , that will take us 5 years to get our needed hours in. Nobody want's to talk to you and when they do it's to tell you they don't want to train there future competion. :x It looks like the real estate appraisal business is becoming a closed society.We are in Oklahoma and the competion is very strong and the people who can train you won't. Any suggestions on how we can get the 2,500 hours?


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Jan 16, 2002
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Retired Appraiser

The best suggestion I can give you is to read this forum from front to back. Go back in the archives of each category. Read each topic. You will find a wealth of knowledge in these postings. Jot notes on key points. There is a ton of stuff about clients, marketing, getting started, etc.

Are you close to Ok City? alamode software has there HQ there and they have about 50% of all appraiers using their software. As I understand it many of their people must be appraisers. Maybe you can get a job there.

Don't give up your day job. If you keep after hunt, you will find what you are looking for.

Good luck.

Leon Stewart

Jan 15, 2002

I don't want to sound negative, but somethings have to be figured out prior to wasting a lot of prep time. You have to know where you're going to get your experience credits prior investing a lot of time and money. There are a lot of risk for a Licensed Appraiser to get involved with Trainees, and there are few if any benefits. I think that most (if not all) quality AMC's want Licensed Appraisers also, since they are required to Inspect all the Properties the Trainee has on their Report, plus assist in the preparation and the review of the final Report. The Licensed Appraiser would have been better off doing the Appraisal Report themself.


Terrel L. Shields

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May 2, 2002
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Certified General Appraiser
Read my post in the Newbie section. We are not a closed society by choice. We have to defend your mistakes. And mistakes are hard to catch. You can read a report 5 times and miss a simple one. A few the UW have caught or I caught?
Marking attached instead of detached. Omitting the info source of subject in the grid. Not stating sizes of porches or outbuildings. Not commenting on the TV antenae on an outbuilding...yes it was a living quarters. zoning wrong...check the map. address wrong. Map arrows wrong. sentences in the comments left dangling without a finish. Names misspelled. I have wasted a small forest of paper redoing the dumbest of errors. Some were my own.

My problem with most trainees are they only want to do residential reports on URAR or 2055 forms. Everything else is an impossible task. After 3 years one of my subs has done exactly one narrative and i walked him thru every single page. A month later I asked him to do another, and he balked. Couldn't remember a thing I told him. So, no estate appraisals, no market appraisals, loan appraisals only. He is starving to death and I have little sympathy. I would give him loads of narrative work if he would just do it.

My advise is to keep trying. Apply for a job at the assessor for appraiser. Low pay, but experience will count towards your hours. Mass appraisal firms are also likely hires, especially if you are willing to work on contract and travel to far side of the state. Insurance adjusters. OKC has regional offices. An' fer cryin' out loud. TAKE A VO-TECH course in WORD, WordPerfect, etc. Learn spreadsheets. Night classes are $30 - $100 usually. And just do it. Write that narrative report. Skeltonize it. Learn to use Macros, merges and templates. Beg, borrow, steal a narrative and copy it. Go to a friendly banker and just ask if you could copy a big narrative report. I did about 3 mo. after I got my classes in. Within 6 mo. of my first appraisal class, I had written a narrative report. It is not inherently more difficult, nor particularly slower to do if you are proficient with that word processor.
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