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Appraisal Part Time

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Gregg Mault

Freshman Member
Apr 6, 2003
While working your full time job 40 hrs/wk, are you able to do accomplish what you need to get done to practice appraisals part time? Realizing certain offices are only open during regular business hours and not on weekends.


Freshman Member
Feb 23, 2003
I think that Appraisal part time is possible. In fact, I would highly suggest it to get started.

Michael T. Hiester

Freshman Member
Oct 8, 2002
That's exactly what I do. I work fulltime and appraise in the afternoons, evenings, weekends, and I usually take two to three days off a month for those assignments that have to be done during daylight hours.

Works great for me so far.


Senior Member
Jan 15, 2002
Professional Status
Gvmt Agency, FNMA, HUD, VA etc.

Would recomend it to anyone. This is a tough profesion to get into. Let alone make any money at first. Although you may find it difficult to find a mentor that way there may be some out there willing to train you on a part time basis. As most have said don't quit your day you will need the money when you start out. I used to bartend and do odd construction jobs just to make ends meet when I first started out. Nothing like building a deck over a weekend for some one for $1,500 when costs are $500 to $750 boy I miss those easy money.


Kelly Green

Freshman Member
Jan 28, 2003
Part time is possible. This is what I am doing right now. My wife owns a small shop that we operate from our home. I currently work a fulltime job as a mechanical engineer. This job allows me to take flexible lunch breaks during the day so I can do inspections. I then have the evenings to writting reports. I do have an advantage though, my supervisor is my wife so she is there to help me in the evenings when I get stuck.
One thing I would say though is to be ready for some long nights.

Gregg Mault

Freshman Member
Apr 6, 2003
I would like to thank everyone that was so generous to respond to Appraisal Part Time. I'm sure I will have many more questions.

Thanks again!

David Riggs

Sophomore Member
Apr 12, 2002
Yes it can be done!

1.Find someone good to mentor you! (most important first step)
2.Complete the training
3.Easy part is now completed, hard part now finding work!
maybe your mentor has some, maybe not! Keep going, identify problems, break them down and address them.
4.Be independent, think through your problems. This is very independent field. If you are not, look else where for work!
5.Keep going, keep going, keep going!
6.Expect setbacks, take them is stride.
7.If you are not getting enought work, think marketing!
8.Don't expect this to payoff or even breakeven. It going to take some time (years)
9.Don't spend a lot of time bitching, complaining and second guessing yourself. Just do it.
10.Hey, if the rest of these blockheads here can do it, You can too!
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