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Assistant Business Plan

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Apr 12, 2017
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My neighbor is an appraiser and currently has an assistant that mostly helps him put together his reports. She doesn’t work that much though, so he asked me if I would be interested in helping him out when it is busy, and as his trainee starts to come into her own. This is great for me as a little extra cash is always welcome, but it occurred to me that, with a few additional clients, it might be possible to make a legitimate business out of this model and maybe I could quit my day job.

It seems like there is a mixed opinion on this forum about the usefulness of assistants so I would like to get input from as many people as possible before I invest a ton of effort into making this more than a sideline venture. A list of questions I have thought of follows; feel free to answer any, all, or just comment. Any information will be valuable to me. I have included my E-Mail in case anyone is uncomfortable replying on the open forum.

Do you currently use someone to assist in writing up appraisals?

If so, at what cost to you?

If not, why not?

Have you ever considered, or do you use, an outside contractor for such a service?

What are your feelings about a large reports company like ieImpact?

Would an independent contractor be more convenient than a regular employee, save on payroll taxes, or office overhead?

If you were to have help in the appraisal process, do you feel you would be able to get more work done on a weekly basis?

Currently, is your process completely digital?

What appraisal and sketch programs do you use?

10) Is there any other information you would like to share?

Thank you for your time and effort,

Martin Vitullo

[email protected]


Mar 12, 2010
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You should look to see what other assistants are charging for each report, then determine what your software costs will be and figure if it will be worth it. They will be your competition. I recall a few people advertising their services on here and included the price per report. Plus its hard to compete with the Philippines at $3.33/hr. When I was busy I thought about an assistant and ieImpact, etc... but decided that the time I take to review the work, I might as well do it myself. Plus services like DataMaster probably eat into the client pool. My software directly imports data from the MLS. You would also have to have multiple software programs, Alamode & ACI at least. So, once you have the yearly cost of the software determined, can you charge your desired hourly rate while still being affordable to the appraiser? You have to offer some kind of value over the other services. What can you do/offer better.
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