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Avm's New Breed: Cvi

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Paul Shraga

Sophomore Member
Apr 30, 2003

So, I was reading the thread from the General Discussion entitled "Avm's New Breed: Collateral Valuation Insurance" instigated by this article:

...and I got to thinking that as such all the issues discussed are valid and correct the reality is
green :mrgreen: :angry: and this type of "appraisal" will become more prevalent because it may/would replace the "easier" appraisals and as trainees we would sadly lose out.

throwing it out to the trainee peanut gallery, what do you think ?

your fellow trainee,


"Shout out to the ethical and moral center of the Real Estate Industry - THE APPRAISER !"

Steve Gish

Sophomore Member
Apr 28, 2003
Had an interview yesterday, I was asked my thoughts on AVM's and the future of appraising.

My response was; I'm all for them, because 2 years from now I'll have my certification and they can call me to do thier forclosure appraisals for them.

I had heads shaking in agreement with me. :D

Farm Gal

Elite Member
Jan 14, 2002
Professional Status
Licensed Appraiser
Good on you for noticing and heeding what some of us (got ours-lic/cert) have been saying. One of my personal concerns for profession's future is that the 'easy ones' I learned on are going going gone...

The space available for folks to 'get the picture' on the tough ones is likewise decreasing rapidly and is mostly being sucked up by the folks whose ethics (or at least work practices) may be less than ideal.

I am not sure that on urban properties the 'appraisal' process will not be largely replaced by a AVM/Home inspection sort of thing. Regrettably this may be more accurate than a significant portion of produced 'appraisals'. Problem is even that is open to serious abuse...

There will always be "room at the top".... but if most of the stairs are missing it is gonna be hard toget at the upper levels isn't it?

I have no soultion to the problem,
But it certainly is interesting!

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