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Better Business Bureau membership

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Jan 16, 2002
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Just joined the BBB today ($240 for the year). We thought we would give it a try & see if it is worth it.
Some of the +'s are:
1. good rates on workman's compensation insurance, major medical insurance available,
2. publicly listed on their web page (only 2 other appraisers right now, and there are 200+ in the counties covered by this BBB). When private owners need an appraiser, some do go to BBB to see who is listed or who has a bad rep.
3. The selling feature for me was they offer a product called 'FedCks' (not sure of spelling). I pay an additional one time fee to get in th is program. basically if someone gives me a check and it bounces, Fedcks puts a 'lien' agaist the checking account. As soon as there is money in the account, the amount of the bad check is automatically withdrawn and deposited in your account.
4. You are allowed to use BBB logo on any of your products.
5. BBB has an Arbitration/Mediation panel to resolve disputes and you receive a discount to use this service. (Of course hopefully this will never happen.)
6. I get a sizeable discount on delivery of the local newspaper.,

Has anyone else joined the BBB? If so, do you think the expense is "paid back".
Jan 16, 2002
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North Carolina

I was a member of the BBB up until this last month when I began to wind down my business (want to do more travelling).

I can't say it hurt but I can not ever remember getting work out of the membership although I did advertise in one of there publication (a map maybe) and got one quote request but no jop from that.

Several other appraisers in the area are members, their position and mine was that it demonstrates a professionalism and a willingness to stand behind your work product.

Beyond that, it is a simple dollars and cents decision. I think you get a better bang for your buck by investing time and money in a professional trade organization, be it NAR, NAIFA, AI, ASA or whatever. But if you have extra cash, membership in the BBB would generally be viewed as a plus in the professionalism arena.


Tom Hildebrandt GAA
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