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Bradford Tech Working hard for you

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Jan 25, 2002
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An outside-looking-in prospective.

I have had some friends calling me and telling me that the sales department of another software company has been calling ClickFORMS users and telling them that they are "going out of business."

I am not a total insider at Bradford, but I can tell you that nothing is father from the truth.

Many of you might remember years ago Jeff Bradford talking about a change in the industry. He had hoped that many of us would learn to adapt to the new needs and focuses of our clients, our very source of income. Unfortunately, many (MOST) have not. Instead, many have been concentrating on just doing business as usual faster via portals and management tools that should have been in place the day an appraiser started their business.

So, great, we have been able to do the lower volume, lower pay of work faster and more efficiently, but we have FAILED to capitalize of servicing the new needs of our market and allowed non-entities to take a huge share (AVMs, AMCs, delivery portals, BPOs, etc). Sure, some will say that there is still great volume, but tell that to the thousands of appraisers who have seen their income drop to lower management-position at Jack-in-the-Box. We have become the lowest per-hour service by far in the entire finance transaction: we are no longer seen or paid as professionals, but are now given less repsect than the termite inspector or even cable TV installer.

Bradford has been taking steps to make it easier for all of us to make the transition we should have made years ago and regain respect in the industry and keep appraisal as a viable profession (Sorry, but when the average appraiser starts making less than the $60k plus bonuses my friend pays his Burger King store managers, or less than a septic-tank pumper, it isn't economically worth being an appraiser). The unfortunate side effect of this has been, however, that some of the regular innovations, updates, bug-fixes, etc. have been slow in coming or delayed with regards to ClickFORMS itself.

I do not believe for a moment, though, that this means that they have given up on traditional appraisal work and giving us the tools we need (eg ClickFORMS), just that the focus has been to develop a whole new process and "community" for us all that will keep food on the table for all of us and give us the ability to put our kids in college without worry. Unfortunately, as a business person, I understand that they must also do this discretely so that no one else steals their thunder because, lets face it, they are a business and they must make a profit just like all the other appraisal software companies do.

But, believe me, they are not in a bad position at all. They just want to make sure there is a future for all of us because many of us have failed to see the writing on the wall. And a TRUE "good-guy" doen't just protect the ones who are willing to play along, but is protecting EVERYONE. It's easy to go into a burning building and lead the willing out; it is quite another to go in and carry those in need out to safety.

So, while some of their recent activities may seem strange or confusing at the moment, Bradford Tech is strong and focussed on making a better world for us.

John-David Biggers
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