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Bubbles (again) as prepared for Fed Reserve & World Bank

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Farm Gal

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Jan 14, 2002
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for a Conference March 2002.... See it for yourself at


Then download pdf format paper # 402

As prepared for the Fed Reserve Bank of Chicago & World Bank Conference...

Its a little dry, but as I translate it:
"Banks do not necessarily do things that are good for them: risk taking increases as profit for risktaking increases. Banks that do not participate in the risk spiral lose money and customer/clients.

Knee-jerk reactions after 'bad things happen' as a result of inappropriate risktaking make the bad things worse."

Veddy interesting concepts from a thinktank.

So lets keep the banks in control of hiring appraisers :roll:

Hows about each of us printing a copy of this and sending it to our Senators and reps with a 3rd grade translation (feel free to copy mine :twisted: )

Any takers?

Oh and the gal mentioned was highly involved in HUD :twisted:
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