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Cape 2nd Floor

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May 10, 2003
Here is an interesting one.

I have a Cape with 2 Bedrooms downstairs and a finished upstairs with no closets. In fact, when you go to the top of the stairs and open the door, their is no doors to separate the 2 sides. You can walk freely between the sides that are divided by the stairs. The whole upstairs is nicely carpeted, has heat, and the walls and ceilings are finished and in nice condition. Of course, one side is used as a "Bedroom" by the owner. The owner, since it is a refi, does not want to add closets upstairs.

Question: Their are a couple Capes that have 2 Bedrooms which can be used as comps, not a problem. How would you describe this room (s) on the sketch and report. Would it be one room, since their is no door dividing them, 2 rooms? And, what label would be appropriate.

Thanks once again oh Master Jedi's!!!!


Walter Kirk

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Jun 24, 2003
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New Jersey
Does the second floor have a Bathroom? It sounds like Functional Obsolescense to me. Calculate a cost to to cure for the addition of doors, dividing walls, closets and possible bathroom

Mountain Man

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Jan 15, 2002
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I'd lable it as a 2BR house, and call the upstairs a bonus room, den, play room, computer room, recreation room, or any combination of the above. We have lots of homes with those "alternative use" rooms. Some may use it as a bunk bedroom, but most use them as a place to send the kids to leave Mom and Dad alone. :)
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