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Deal Killer Home Inspectors Unite II

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Mike Simpson

Senior Member
Jan 30, 2002

Dear Editor:

I just read John Herman's letter to the editor regarding "Deal Killer Inspectors Unite." I have to say that to read an agent complaining about pressure from a buyer is hilarious. I can just hear it now--"If you won't recommend a home inspector, we'll just take our business elsewhere!"

C'mon, are we really to believe this tripe? I've too often read real estate agents complaining about the home inspection and appraisal industries. It's always the same old song and dance: The home inspectors alarm or scare away potential buyers and appraisers, when they appraise low, don't know what they're doing. Except in the case of REO properties. Then the agents typically complain that the appraiser came in too high when they needed a quick sale.

The truth is that too many agents just want to control the process from start to finish. Loan officers even lament that agents cause an enormous amount of pressure for them to get the deal done, regardless of value or conditions. I even know some loan officers who flatly refuse to work with real estate agents.

When it comes to the issue of pressure the real estate industry needs to look to itself first. Transactions should be based on hard facts and less on rhetoric. I long for the day when a condition is a condition that is dealt with up front, rather than overlooked, concealed or represented as an outstanding opportunity for improvement.

Mike Simpson
Appraiser/Real Estate Agent

Jeff Horton

Senior Member
Jan 15, 2002
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Certified Residential Appraiser
Here is part of the Realtors followup to this. Sound familiar appraisers??????

I do not wish any of my buyers to have the misfortune to purchase any home that has not had a thorough home inspection. I want them to have a good inspector, one that I myself would use and one that knows as much as possible about a lot of items in the home. However, let's face it—home inspectors, no matter who they are, do not know a lot about a lot of things. They are not plumbers, heating and air conditioning experts, electricians, structural engineers and the like and do not spend every day dealing with these very specialized fields. They were not trained and then apprenticed in all of these areas. Very often they make mistakes and very often their statements to buyers are made in tones that are really meant to get their attention. Why? They do not want to get sued. They do not want to be blamed. When the buyers get nervous and cancel the transaction, there is no negativity for the inspector—only praise in many cases.

Full article is here http://www.inman.com/InmanStories.asp?ID=3...33440&CatType=R

Mike Simpson

Senior Member
Jan 30, 2002
Ya know this kinda tripe really starches my britches.

Many real estate agents have no idea of the educational background requirements of--or for appraisers or inspectors.

I had experience in most of the fields this knuckle-head mentioned & took courses & seminars in those areas I felt I needed improvement. Still I had numerous problems with agents (the rule not the exception).

My brother desiring to buy a home told his so-called-buyers-agent--"I want my brother to be present at the inspection. He's a certified appraiser, real estate agent, former home inspector & former commercial pest control consultant." Despite upfront knowledge of my background, the agent (& his broker) proceeded to try and do the real estate boogey on my brother...right in front of me!!! This Bozo kept trying to get my brother away from me to talk to him in private.

I just kept smiling & shaking my head. Near the end of the inspection I cornered the agent & told him...ya know reputation is everything...ya probably coulda sold my brother another house, but after I'm done talking to him no one we know we'll come with 1/2 mile of ya.

Moreover, many states now require licensing of home & pest inspectors (probably the majority). Most of the agents probably don't even know what those requirements are for their particular states!

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