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Declining market in Naples, FL

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Big ole Boy

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Dec 6, 2003
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Appraisers down in Naples are using the word "adjusted market" instead of declining .....

Humorous to me .....

... I guess its hard for banks to make loans if the boxes are not checked to fit the quorum of financial elistist control of truth.

After all, the theme of George Cloony's new movie is that "Truth can be adjusted" .....

Its going to be an interesting year .....


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Dec 6, 2005
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Were they saying the same thing when the markets down there were increasing, as well?



Tyler Grundvig

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Oct 21, 2007
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LOL, that is funny.

Nothing is more ammusing that one's dance around the truth. I reviewed an assignment where the appraiser clearly put all the data and explanation that recent sales indicate a 9% decrease in value in the subject's marketing area. Howver, this is the best part, the appraiser then stated that over the past few years the market has been stable and checked the stable box.
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