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Desperation breeds scare tactics

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Doug in NC

Elite Member
Jan 17, 2002
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Certified Residential Appraiser
North Carolina
What do you think about the following message?


A Message From
The National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers


Dear Appraiser:

In case you haven't read the handwriting on the wall, time has all but
run out on our profession. The very certification and licensing
legislation we fully supported and labored so hard to get enacted in
1989 (after the S & L Bailout) has been used to neutralize us. Left to
run the current course, it will finally drive our profession into
extinction and leave the general public at the mercy of the banking

By working to support certification and licensing, we all shared high
hopes this would secure our future and above all, protect the public
against predatory and other unfair lending practices which has become
commonplace. Needless to say, this dream turned into a nightmare,
instead of FIRREA and USPAP accomplishing what we had hoped, just the
opposite happened, Predatory Lending practices continue to run rampant
across our nation and pressure on appraisers is at an all time high with
no sign or indication that our legislatures are willing to check this
deplorable situation. Then, while interest rates are the lowest in
nearly (30) years, we have less work.

To assess the forces working to our detriment, we have only to look at
the success the lending community has had in our neutralization by
raising the "deminimus" from $50,000 to the current $250,000 level and
the constant and daily pressures that are brought to bear on appraisers
to "Make "Value" or ignore deficiencies of the properties. This hardly
takes into account, all the creative ways the lending community
continues to conjure up to eliminate the need for appraisals. The
latest of which is the MGIC insuring of value at the sales price (for
essentially the same cost as an appraisal) and FNMA's intent to not
require appraisals for many transactions. Needless to say, if we had
meaningful federal and state mandatory appraisal legislation in place,
these neutralizing tactics could not have taken root. Until all
appraisal associations come together as one force, one voice and in mass
enough to be seriously recognized by our politicians it will continue to
be down hill for our profession.

Is there still time to save our profession from extinction and the
public from a continuance of predatory lending practices???? The answer
is a resounding YES!!, however, only if we act fast. The window of
opportunity is fast closing and when fully shut; there will be no way to
reopen. For the salvation of our profession, it is imperative that we
appraisers unite with the ability to speak as one voice. For this we
must make every effort to bring all licensed/certified appraisers under
one umbrella.

There has been a mass exodus from professional organizations since 1989
and the enactment of FIRREA because it fostered the misconception that
licensing and certification would negate the need for professional
designations. This had been and will continue to be proven wrong;
especially, with the lending community reporting nearly ($20) billion in
loses with another bailout eminent. When the dust finally settles on
this next round of banking loses, which will again burdened the public,
those appraisers without recognized designation will find assignments
hard to come.

Currently, there are at least two active movements to bring all
appraisal associations under one umbrella. One such plan proposed a
pure merger of all associations into a totally new entity, new name and
structured in disciplines. The other proposed a pure alliance, whereby
all associations would come under one umbrella while retaining their
own, designations and autonomy.

Whatever plan ultimately prevails; NAIFA is committed to taking the lead
and being a major player. In order to accomplish this, it is our goal
within the next 24 months to more than double our membership. While
this goal may appear overly optimistic, it is obtainable and necessary
if we are to strengthen our position and lead our profession to greater
political advantage and out of the "Scapegoat" roll relegated to us by
the lending community.

To accomplish this goal, NAIFA has embarked on an aggressive recruiting
program to attract both non-designated appraisers and appraisers who are
currently designated with our allied associations. For the later, we
have no intentions of postulating members from these associations, since
any attempt to drain off membership from them would be counterproductive
to the overall effort; however, what we are attempting to do is make it
financially feasible for members of other appraisal organizations to
cross-designate to our association and enjoy the prestige of the NAIFA
designations along with the many other benefits such as "free education"
that our members now enjoy.

To put our program in motion, the NAIFA Board of Directors has voted to
permit full membership and designation reciprocity to any member of a
Foundation Sponsor or other associations recognized by NAIFA to have
high professional standards and ethical codes of conduct and whose
designation is recognized to be the equivalent to ours.
YEAR. This is less than ½ our regular dues and will continue only until
we have reached out membership goal or this offer is withdrawn by NAIFA.

This is a "SPECIAL RECIPROCITY" MEMBERSHIP and the discounted dues shall
be valid only so long as the member remains in good standing with both
the NAIFA and the association from which they cross-designated. Should
a member under this program fail to renew membership in the domicile
association, NAIFA membership may be retained by paying the full dues
amount prevailing at the time. Regretfully, this offer shall not apply
to our members who are currently cross designated nor can any member
forfeit membership to re-enter at the discounted rate.

To apply for the NAIFA designation under this special program, simply
call (314) 781-6688 or E-mail to [email protected]. Our Membership
Department will process the applications quickly and efficiently. For
those designations deemed not to meet our high standards, the applicant
will immediately be advised of deficiencies and counseled through the
necessary steps to qualify. NAIFA will under no circumstances lower or
otherwise compromise the criterion or integrity of our prestigious

Time is fast running out for our profession! If you have an interest in
protecting your profession and livelihood, we urge you to join us today.

We cordially invite you to log onto our website at www.naifa.com.


Edward L. Liggins, IFAS
National President

*Plus local dues where applicable

Ruth Langkawel

Sophomore Member
Jan 14, 2002
I admit that I have not sought this information. I was turned off by NAIFA very early on, because they appeared out of touch with the market, and were espousing regulations that made appraisers unable to compete with Broker Price Opinions - and failed to plug the holes before pushing us into the ocean.

What bills have NAIFA pushed through to help appraisers?

What politicians are they working with?

What benefit does the dues paid give back to the appraiser?

The Appraisers Guild is very actively pushing bills to turn this situation around. They have the ear of many politicians, and the backing of the AFL/CIO. Their $175 annual dues supports lobbying efforts. They have no expensive bureacracy, and are non-profit.

How does NAIFA compare on these issues?

In what ways are they superior in results, and in efficiency?

I personally don't see any sense in donating to keep the dictator alive. It appears that they have failed in their mission. My early assessment of the direction they were heading in has proven true.

What would be different now?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Jacob S.

Freshman Member
Jan 19, 2002
:?: I recieved this message myself this AM. It sounds like a desparate attemp to increase membership. Will it induce to to join I don't know. I have been generally dissatisfied with the AI for some time and have been looking for another place to dock, but I am not sold on NAIFA as of yet and this message doesn't increase my desire to join them. I don't believe that our profession is going away any time soon, sure some of the mediocre appraisers will, as in any profession. But there is nothing I can do to stop that. My volume has only picked up during these times of low interest rates and based on the limited activity of many frequent posters on this and other sites i would think their volume has picked up as well.

Have a great day

Jacob S. :D


Sophomore Member
Feb 11, 2002
Professional Status
Certified Residential Appraiser
From what he sounds like, I have no hope. I have no chance. Unless I turn to him, my guiding light, my savior, than i am a fool who is only doomed. Please save me, please.........

Garbage, Looks like an entremely thin veiled union organization. I'll take my chances.


Mountain Man

Elite Member
Jan 15, 2002
Professional Status
Certified General Appraiser
"Then, while interest rates are the lowest in
nearly (30) years, we have less work."

8O :? :lol: Not in my area.

Jan 16, 2002
The so-called "window of opportunity" was open in the late 80's when
Congressman Doug Bernard was investigating the S & L failures and FIRREA was being formulated. The "window" closed shortly thereafter.
We have already missed our best chance. The current establishment (the AF, and their cronies, i.e. lenders & Feds ) are so entrenched it will never change.

Julio E. Sune Jr. (FL)

Senior Member
Jan 16, 2002
Professional Status
Certified Residential Appraiser
"It is our attitude toward events, not events themselves, which we can control. Nothing is by its own nature calamitous---even death is terrible only if we fear it" [Epicetus] 8)

Caterina Platt

Senior Member
Jan 17, 2002
Professional Status
Certified Residential Appraiser
New Mexico
I'm with Ruth. If I join anything it will be the Guild. Got the same message yesterday and took a peek at their site and membership levels/fees. Ouch! I have no problems meeting their guidelines, but I don't think this would be the best return for $$ spent.

How many members do they have? How are the dues dollars spent? How powerful is their lobbying and legislative effort? I didn't see enough on their site to excite me, or coerce me into spending $300-400+ per year for an acronym behind my name. Granted, I only spent a few minutes perusing the info...


Don Clark

Elite Member
Jan 17, 2002
Professional Status
Certified Residential Appraiser

For a more complete comment, see my comments under NAIFA E-Mail. If you REALLY want to know what NAIFA is all about, go to:


To view their forums, where anyone can comment, go to;


Small minds cannot perceive great efforts!



Senior Member
Jan 16, 2002
Don Clark;
"Small minds cannot perceive great efforts"

1) If you wouldn't mind, could you explain a little more in depth as to your meaning of this statement you made :?:

2) From what I've read you or anyone else, has not addressed any of the many questions asked - just an example, Ruth asked several short questions; but NO answer, why :?:

3) Most of the groups that I had become involved in have either merged or become extinct; had the heads of those organizations actually put their small minds together, we would probably have had a chance long ago, my first initial membership was in the -SREA; where are they now :?:

4) Here we are 20 years later and no closer to a solution because the concentration for most organizations is to increase membership, so when they roll over for the AVM's or whoever, they'll have enough money to buy themselves a piece of the pie and the hell with you and me; did I just read recently where they Appraisal Institute has merged with some Banking company or something of that nature :?:

I have been contemplating the Guild - for the simple reason that they are the only ones at this point that offer any political clout and are at least making a Real attempt to do something favorable.

SOoo, how bout some answers :?: 8)
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