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Determined To Learn

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Matthew Wyble

Freshman Member
Jul 30, 2003

My name is Matt and I just started taking courses to be a real estate appraiser. Currently I am a corporate accountant making a modest to fair living. Accounting has similar standards to the appraisal business. I don't like being chained to a desk and look forward to fieldwork (and maybe work at home). I am determined to succeed and I am reading each chapter of my book twice before class.

In Accounting, there are many principles that fall by the waistside in practice. I would like to know if everything learned in class is really put to use in practice. I am determined to learn this industry and willing to start out slow and grow into an appraiser.

My only other question is what do you people do for benefits? Do you pay them yourself on an apprentice salary?
And what about retirement?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. B)

Farm Gal

Elite Member
Jan 14, 2002
Professional Status
Licensed Appraiser

Acquireing benefits is a real issue not only for apprentices (usually a self pay system BTW) but also for established appraisers 'of a certain age' umm that would be about anyone over the age of 25 if working in a less than 5 person shop.

Much of the theory you are learning is less applicable in 'real life' than that which you studied in accounting.

Umm have you read through the knowlege base FAQ's above? I would suggest that you then peruse a few weeks of comments on this forum.

forgive this nosy question:
Have you considered taking the skill/knowlege that you already possess and moving into either business appraisals or setting up a solo home based tax/accounting business? I am assuming that your interest was/is centered on residential appraising (please forgive if this is untrue).

Ir residential is your goal, you are getting into this biz at a bad time, you can anticipate far less out of office time than I think you are dreaming about... AND the nature of the business is changing... the future looks more and more like more desk and less field work.

Mike Garrett RAA

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Gold Supporting Member
Jan 14, 2002
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Certified Residential Appraiser
Benefits???? We ain't go no stinkin benefits! :rofl:

If you are looking for benefits and retirement...think twice before entering the appraisal business. Of course you could work for the government as an appraiser and get those things.
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