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Did I Miss The Memo?

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May 28, 2002
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Certified Residential Appraiser
Did an appraisal this past Feb for a sale. Simple plan, split foyer, which, in this part of Georgia, is about half the work load at times.
Built in garage, basement, living area. Couple of bays and a jut out in the rear, but nothing unusual. Basement was 75% finished with full bath, subject was 1600 odd square feet.
Cookie cutter work. My 14 year old could do it. Basement finished with acoustic tile ceiling, except in the laundry and bath.

Going through redlink today. Seems another appraisal was done two months after ours was. Now all of a sudden this split foyer is still a split foyer, but now has 2700 square feet of GLA?
Basement is now 167 SF.
With a 2G Buit in.

Am I missing something? Did someone put out a memo that basements no longer exist? Or that acoustic tile ceilings are considered equal to drywall in GLA?

This is a CR that did this appraisal. Low number, so one of the old dogs in the kennel, and he ignored the basement? By the way, tax records and our appraisal were 20 SF off on the GLA and 15 off on the basement.

And we never saw theirs until after we finished. It was new construction when we got it.

Anyone else seeing bad info, not just from realtors, but appraisers? And on a typically reliable source of information?


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Jan 16, 2002

every onced in a while ya git them tapes wit the little metal thingys stuck in the bottom o yer shoe an s#*t happens - don git excited yet ;)

dunno ifn ya members, couple years; monfs can't member someone aksed how ta measure the 2nd floor an as i member it, tis why i havs the SUV - ta keep me bow n arrow fer them upper floor measuremints :rofl:

one of the other things ya needs ta member, ya'll bean gittin lots O rain, has that dwelling bean tarped :question: B) i only brings this up cause after our re-val up here ( an 2 months of rain) my house grew 750 SF - so' s i aksed the assessor ifn there was any zoning re-choir-mints regarding "tarpin a dwellin" in heavy rain condishons :beer: :rofl: so's me house wouldn't grow anymore. corse now ifn the next re-val happens ta be after a couple O monfs of sunshine, I'm spectin the dwellin will undoubtibly shrink - considerin were bein logical :mrgreen:



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Jan 22, 2002
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Certified General Appraiser
Take a chill-pill and don' sweat it. If you know your area, you know when one's screwy.

I had the tax dept be some 600 SF off (larger) on a simple 2-story box. It wasn't that the 2nd floor interior was wrong, they added over 10' down the side of the home. That'll do it every time.

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