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Do you outsource your URARs?

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Larry Lyke

Senior Member
Feb 2, 2002
This is in my mailbox this morning ... Can't imagine anybody utilizing such a service. HOWEVER, I've reviewed a few appraisals that may very well have been manufactured in India!

The message en total:

"Good Morning,
My name is Sandeep Jain and i live in India. My organisation, 'Data Machine' is based on SOHO(Small Office Home Office). I have an experience of 4 years as Data Processing Associate with few multinationals, recently i started with my SOHO to service US companies, so that people can outsource work here in India at cut down costs.
For example, recently an appraiser company in Ilinois has outsourced a data process where i process the URAR reports, using a telnet software to retrieve raw data from multiple listing services and filling this data on to URAR forms using a software called athena. Other tasks are there as retrieving the photos and inserting them in reports. This process takes place using simple e-mail communication where i process the files sent by the company and send them back.
More and more businesses are realizing the benefits of outsourcing, it is correct, financially and timely.
If you feel that you need to outsource any data processes, feel free to mail back or contact at 91-11-5132278 Sincerely, Sandeep Jain"

Mike Garrett RAA

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Jan 14, 2002
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Certified Residential Appraiser
If I was going to outsource would be to the Bucks Ranch. Love his style of wording things.
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