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Domain Names

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Apr 26, 2003
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I have my eye on a particular .com domain name. Currently the name is taken by someone else but it expires very soon. When does it actually expire? at 00:00:01 or 12:59:59 of the expiration date. In other words which night should I stay up til midnight to grab it if it does come available.

Yeah I know I am silly, but this is what happens when I am idle.

Regards to all


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Jan 4, 2002
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As someone who also sells domain names (http://alldomainsusa.com) I can fill you in a little about expiration dates. First of all it will not be available when it expires. The previous owner will be given at least 30 days to renew the domain name (oftey by paying a penalty fee because they let it expire). Even after the 30 days it may not be available, depending on who the original registrar was. It is up to the registrar to decide whether to release the name for re-registration or not. If it is a desirable name, often the registrar will not release it, but will sell it at a premium. If the original registrar was Network Solutions (Verisign) it may be months before it is released, and it if is desirable I guarantee you that they will not release it.

People that speculate in domain names have automatic programs that run and register expired domain names the instant they become available if they are names that are listed in the search engines. It doesn't matter what the names are, these people grab up any name that is listed in Yahoo and other search engines because such listings are hard to get now. Then they point the names to casino sites, and yes even **** sites, knowing that they will get some traffic, even if misdirected.

I have had appraiser clients allow their domain name to expire and only to find later it was pointed to a casino site. Nothing they could do about it, they should not have let it expire! (of course they are notified several times to renew).

I advise anyone with a domain name to always renew it for at least 30 days PRIOR to expiration date. Some registrars disable the domain when it gets within 7 days to expiration just to grab the owner's attention so they will renew it before expiration.

Hope this helps some!
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