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Educate the Buyers and Sellers

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mark peters

Freshman Member
Jul 22, 2002
We all are aware of:

1. Predatory lenders
2. Artificially inflated values by dishonest appraisers
3. Pressure on the appraiser to hit value
4. Reduced fee work for the appraiser while the homeowner or borrower gets charged much more than what our full fee would have been.

and on and on and on..........

Let's try and put an end to the madness!

Here is what I think might help. Let's put our collective smarts together and put together an informational pamphlet or letter to educate homeowners, buyers and the general public about what is going on in the industry and how it can effect them in the long run! I guarantee if somebody purchasing or selling a home was aware of what a bad appraiser, realtor, LO, and AMC was doing, and how it might affect them, especially being overcharged for an appraisal that comes in overinflated which might hurt the purchaser in the future when they try resell

Remember hitting people in the pocket is usually the thing to get people motivated. It's a start. Any thoughts?


Senior Member
Jan 16, 2002

our state consumer protection agency supplies that to the public and have been for some time. Does the public read it - sometimes.

good luck

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