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Engineers Certification--

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Jo Ann Meyer Stratton

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Jan 16, 2002
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I posted this over on the FHA/VA forum and decided it would also be useful in the Manufactured Home forum:

And there is a specific section for manufactured homes on both the VC and HBS! The item that is missing is the serial number for the manufactured unit itself. And not all states have alternate construction serial numbers for additions and/or modifications to the unit. But does ask about the engineering certification--problem is that they are not displayed any where in the unit in Arizona since that is obtained after the home is installed. Phoenix office of HUD recommended they be recorded several years ago but that suggestion went over like a lead balloon. So unless the original home owner still has the engineers certification regarding the foundation that was installed or knows which lender has it somewhere in their files, another one will be needed the next time the home sells with FHA financing.

Santa Ana HOC chat room had an excellent posting recently, only HUD employees are permitted to answer questions--chatting is not allowed.

Engineer Certifications

Posted by Karen Birdsong - SA-HOC on July 31, 2003 at 14:10:07:

In Reply to: Manufactured Homes Engineer Requirements posted by Amey Rasmijn, Underwriter, Roseville, CA on July 30, 2003 at 18:04:59:

No. The certification must contain the seal of a licensed professional engineer. While permanent foundations installed may meet the requirements of the manufacturer and local authorities, it often does not meet the requirements of the Permanent Foundations Guide. One aspect of this is where Manufacturers recognize ground anchors as an acceptable means of securing a home to the ground, but HUD does not accept this.
Remember, as with all construction the lender is to maintain the construction exhibits in their file. This means the lender's file should have more than just the sealed certification. There are worksheets outlined in the PFGMH that support the certification and, if new construction, there are plans and specifications, etc.

: If the manufacturer of the home installs the foundation and states that the foundation meets the FHA guidelines as stated in the FHA handbook. Can we accept this in lieu of an engineer's certification.

So I will continue to have my canned statement on page 5 of the VC sheet and the lender will either have to dig out the engineer's certification from a previous FHA loan or have a new inspection by a professional engineer completed for the loan. The engineer's certification is the lender's responsibility, the appraiser only says on the VC sheet it is necessary.

"Certification attesting to compliance with the Permanent Foundation Guide for Manufactured Housing must be obtained from a licensed professional engineer for the foundation that has been installed and included in the insuring file."
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