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Exam Breakdown

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Ray Meyer

Freshman Member
Feb 7, 2003
No... I didn't have a break down studying for the exam. :eyecrazy:
I'm trying to find out how the licensed appraisal exam is broken down.
Like what percentage of the test is on USPAP, how much on financial calculations etc.
I've been studying the USPAP and plan on getting one of the 1001 questions books also.
What else do I need and what should I focus on the most?

Are any of the online study aids any good?


Nov 1, 2002
Professional Status
Certified Residential Appraiser
Check out your state appraisal board web site or call them. They should have exam info, study guide, exam breakdown, etc.

Hint for the day, when studying the 1001 Questions or Q/A books, knowing the answer is good but inadequate. Be able to explain the question and why each answer is correct or incorrect.

bueno suerta.

Ray Meyer

Freshman Member
Feb 7, 2003
Thanks, I'll call the state tomorrow & see what they can tell me.

Any idea which of these 1001 questions books is best?
I'm leaning towards the Harrision book.

Harrison's Illustrated Guide: How to Pass Any General or Residential Appraisal Examination: 1001 Questions and Answers
Questions and answers to help you pass the real estate appraisal exams by Fisher & Tosh.
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