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"Experience" An AQB issue

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Terrel L. Shields

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May 2, 2002
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Arkansas used to allow 8 hr. for an appraisal even if co-appraised. The nonsensical proposition was that each appraiser worked on it equal time, I suppose. yeah, like A- both worked for half pay; B - someone worked for free, or C-some client is going to pay double....You BS your buddies and I'll lie to mine.

They now say you need to document hourly contribution. This means a time card in my opinion. In reality for rural property, I suggest a newbie will have 15-20 hr. for each appraisal for at least a month, getting to 8-10 is about as low as it should go. The D-B urban reports will go much faster.

In other words the slower you learn the business the fewer appraisals required to meet the hourly requirements. Welll...llll, isn't that the effect?

"Experience", imho is a combination of time and problem solving. Bunch 'em and Crunch 'em drivebys that give an appraiser 8 hr. each when they are doing 2 a day is not fair. Spending 12-20 hr. on a rural property and only getting 8 hr. credit is not fair.

On the other hand, quantity has a quality of its own as Lenin said. A person doing 200 appraisals a year has seen a wide variety of properties, while the rural appraiser has likely delved into more complex properties. In my personal practice, rural properties require a minimum of 3 land comps and 3 improved comps. That's basically 2 appraisals in one.

When my sub went last month to Little Rock to present 3 appraisals as evidence he should be allowed to sit the test, one they requested was a rural manf. home. We had 3 land comps and 3 MH comps. He stuck a land form in the report as evidence of the land value as if vacant. The reviewing board noted that and said they were very impressed. But that report took Stephen about 3 days to do, too. [not to mention I spent over 2 hr. just driving to the property and back home plus reviewing after he was finished and then driving back nearly the same amount to view a comp that I had not seen] It was in the edge of a county we rarely work and is outside our normal MLS region. He had to do a lot of leg work with local Sales offices to do the report. Do you really think the state would give him credit of 24 hr. for a MH? I doubt it. In all, we probably had 30 hr. in a $350 report not to mention gas.

Surely there is some middle ground. Clearly in my mind is time, but not hourly. If a person's sole income is from appraising, I think years of experience time and a letter of recommendation from a certified appraiser (the supervisor) plus two peers in the profession ought to be sufficient to vouch for hours. 2 yr. for SL, 3 for CR, 4 for CG.

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