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Expiration Of License

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Dee Dee

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Jan 16, 2002
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Certified Residential Appraiser
Check with your state to see how many hours of continuing education you are required to have in order to maintain your license. I think most states require around 40 or so during every two year period.

Ghost Rider

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Apr 27, 2003
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Banking/Mortgage Industry
Each state is different with their requirements (I think so at least)....here in CT, I've seen appraisers have their provisional (trainee) licenses pulled after 4 years, because they haven't gotten their certification. Whats muched up about this, is I know really good appraisers this happened to, who just never had time to get all the paperwork together to apply for their certification, and take the exam, and were 1000 times more qualified than some certified appraisers who were doing work. Go figure.....

Check with your state to see how long you can carry a license without getting certified - there will be some time limitation, and from what you are saying, you might have some trouble getting the hours under your belt to qualify for the next step of your career.
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