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Fair sales compensation for appraiser getting new account.

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David R. Jensen

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Freshman Member
Mar 14, 2002
I am new to the business and am working as a contractor for an established real estate appraisal firm. My question is this.
I have just recently procurred a new account for this firm that could potentially yield thousands in revenue each year. What kind of compensation should i expect to recieve. What they have presented me with somehow does not seem fair, which is an additional $25.00 per appraisal for the first 5 appraisals and then a 1 time $500.00 bonus.
Totaling $625.00. Should I be happy about this compenstaion?
Any insight and suggestions on how to diplomatically deal with this matter would be greatly appreciated



Sophomore Member
Feb 4, 2002
My best advice as someone who has been in your position as well as someone who has had independent contractors in the past is to insist that you do all the appraisals for this new client and that you get a higher fee split for each appraisal where you get the client. I wouldn't expect that they would be willing to pay you a huge sum for a client. You will soon learn that appraisal clients are very fickle unless you are an appraiser that majically hits their number every time. In that case, you will probably end up being kicked off approval lists and have no credibility with an underwriter or any other client. I would take the $500 offered to you and make this client yours, not the appraisal company's. This client could find another appraiser tomorrow. That way if you ever have a disagreement with your boss, you have your own client or at least something to offer a new prospective appraisal company.
Jan 16, 2002
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Certified Residential Appraiser
North Carolina
In my market area it is not common or at least I have never heard of an appraiser getting a bonus or commission for bringing in a new client. What he does get is the right of first refusal for all orders from that client. A few of the mill type shops who pay the lowest splits in the first place will add a 5-10% kicker to the appraiser for orders from that client. For example LandAmerica was doing this. I don't know if they still do. The problem there is that their staff appraisers enhanced split is still fewer dollars than most of us earn owing to their reduced fees and house weighted commission structure.


Jan 15, 2002
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Certified Residential Appraiser
The 25$ per appraisal above what your normal split is sounds fair, That is the nor from what I have seen around here; The Bonus is more than fair; I have never got that : ( Take it and run, and say your thank you. I do know one a appraiser who expects that if the trainee wants more assignments get the business, and all that comes from the the new company (except FHA) is your to work and any problem with that client is yours to fix. Though he pays no extra split. You got a good deal.
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