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Family Matters

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Nov 2, 2006
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I'm a residential appraiser here in south east PA (Lancaster County area) and just got a request for help from a family member for help on an appraisal. Like most such cases, I tell my family that ethics rules just won't allow me to appraise family property and act in any way as an advocate for them which usually gets me out of a situation that would almost certainly end up nasty. I also have no experience in this sort of job which may very well require the expertise of a general appraiser. But in this case, my aunt would simply be happy if I could find an appraiser for her. So, here goes:
She owns a residence and several acres on which she rents out land for pasture. Her nephew also owns a dwelling with a similar few acres next door. Across the road PP&L is currently constructing an electrical substation. It appears that something PP&L has done has dried up the stream that used to run into both their properties. And they have gotten ahold of a lawyer (or he has gotten hold of her) that recommended she get an appraiser to provide her with a report to show the adverse effect on their properties from the construction. Yes, I know that the whole idea has little possible merit, especially when one considers that, although the substation will likely make their view out the front far less bucolic than it was, her property is in a highway commercial zone and her road is a high speed secondary road, but I was wondering if I might at least find someone with some expertise who can give me an estimate for their fee. Perhaps if they see the costs that this project would entail, they may decide against the whole thing. Or maybe not and they would be willing to pay for such a report.
If someone has some expertise in such appraisal work and is located in the area, please message me. Thanks.

Terrel L. Shields

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May 2, 2002
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This guy works with appraisers - Call Ed Layton with BAI Group in Philly area
BAI Group Inc.
Delaware Valley Office

341 10th Avenue, Suite 103
Royersford, PA 19468
Phone: 610-495-5585
Fax: 610-495-7652
[email protected]
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