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Fannie, Freddie Buying Fewer Bad Loans

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Dec 16, 2006
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In the old days the Bank had 80% of the risk and the homeowner had his 20% down payment at risk. With 0% down it was like the O'Hare trade in the Chicago commodity exchange. You put down a bet and go to the airport, and if the trade works you go to Hawaii or you go to Canada if it doesn't.

Now Fannie and Freddie are going to require 30% down to "Solve" the problem. This medicine is going to kill the patient.

"Fannie Mae recently imposed a 0.25 percent fee on all new home loans it buys or guarantees, and both companies have begun adding surcharges on loans to borrowers with credit scores below 680 and who are borrowing more than 70 percent of the home's value."


Randolph Kinney

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Apr 7, 2005
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North Carolina
It looks like PMI for that quarter point and FICO. It relates to a disconnect between US Treasury interest rates and mortgage rates. The spread has widen significantly reflecting credit risk concerns or repricing of risk.

It is also interesting to note that the LIBOR rates are significantly higher than US Treasury rates.

It all reflects the willings (or lack thereof) to lend.


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Apr 23, 2002
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If they buy less bad loans, does that mean the
executives will get smaller bonuses?
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