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Finding a mentor

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jeff meahl

Freshman Member
Aug 6, 2002
I have spent all of my work career working for corporations. For the last 15 years I have been the controller or cfo for 3 different organizations. However, I want to do something else; and as I've bought a few different places the last 15 years I've always had an interest in real estate. My wife took a job as the office manager for a realtor about 8 months ago, which further piques my interest.

Anyway, I have downloaded a file of registered appraisers within 70 miles of my home, and am wondering if a viable strategy of finding a mentor could be to mail a letter outlining my interest. I'd like to find someone far enough away that when I have completed my apprenticeship that I won't be a competitor for them. I would appreciate any advice.

Ross (CO)

Senior Member
Jan 17, 2002
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Certified Residential Appraiser
Jeff, .....We are all competitors with each other ! The idea of selecting a mentor from "as far away as possible" is really kind-of strange. There is no logical benefit to it. I'll assume you are planning to start with formal classes to learn the rudiments of the trade, then you will take the exam and apply for your state's lowest licensing level......but instead you are already planning how not to be a competitor to this un-determined person with whom you will mentor. You would be quite fortunate to find a mentor who lives 3 doors away on your same street ! As for sending out letters, knock yourself out. What more about you will they learn from the letter that a phone call will not do better, or to top that a face-to-face meeting with that person at their office or home ? Aside from your possible pursuit of an appraising career I might ask why you do not consider becoming a Realtor and making the bigger dollars. With your wife now working at a realty office you must be quite keen to the staggering incomes yielded there. There are some very effective spouse-spouse realty partnerships in our city and that may be worth considering too. For all you know there just may be another Forum participant right there in your town or city who I'm sure would be glad to have lunch with you and discuss business....but they would not know where you are located ! Best wishes on your start-up.
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