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Finding out about home appraiser

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jarrell baughman

Freshman Member
Feb 13, 2003
My situation is that I am in between jobs and my brother, who just got into real estate in Florida suggested that I look into this profession. There are some specific questions that I have, and I do appreciate anyone taking the time to answer them.
1. What might be the average yearly salary range as a home inspector, I live in North Carolina.
2. What is average time spend at your job during the day and weekly.
3. Is it better to work for a home inspection or realestate company or eventually strike out on your own. What are the benefits of working for a company as opposed to being on your own?
4. Would you briefly describe the average day.
5. Is there a lot of turn-over in your profession? If so then why?

Any other information that you find helpful in my position please feel free to add it on. Thanks again.
Jan 13, 2002
Professional Status
Retired Appraiser
are you asking about being an Appraiser?

or are you asking about being a home inspector?

They are two very different professions.
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