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Fire Fighting Appraiser.......is It Possible ?

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Walter Anthony

Hello again,

I have been wondering whether it would be possible for someone to be a FIRE FIGHTER 2 days a week and an APPRAISER the remainder of the week ???

In the city in which I live, a fire fighter works just 2 days a week. Let's say he (or she) went to work on Tuesday morning at 6:am. He (or she) would work 24 hours and get off on Wednesday morning at 6:am. Then this person would have the remainder of Wednesday off (basically the whole working day) and then have Thursday and Friday off as well.

The way it works out, a fire fighter would have approximately 15 days off a month, that fell somewhere between a Monday thru a Friday. A regular appraiser might have 20 to 22 working days a month (excluding Saturdays), so I've been wondering if a fire fighter's schedule might work out, in the appraising business. Has anybody ever heard of someone doing this ??

What if you were running your own appraisal shop ??.......how would you feel about having an employee with this kind of schedule, assuming that he or she religiously showed up for work on their days off and were committed to the business and conducted themselves as professionals ??

Sometimes there's a lot of down time in the Fire House. Instead of watching t.v. with the rest of the guys (or gals) at night, it would be just as easy to pull out a laptop computer and get working on the reports. County records (by county auditor) are available online and on CD rom's where I live.

Any thoughts or commentary on this subject would be really appreciated.

-Walt in Ohio :beer:

Mike Garrett RAA

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Jan 14, 2002
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Certified Residential Appraiser
Walt....give Gab Blanco, GDB Appraisal Service in Colorado Springs a call. He is a full time fireman and also an appraiser. 719 262 2964. I am sure he can answer a lot of your questions. Tell him I told you to call.

I have had several fire fighters in my registered appraisers class, in fact, have a paramedic in my present class. While I normally don't recommend attempting appraisal on a part time basis, your situation is unique in that you have so much free time. I think it would work for you.

Only area of caution would be ...make sure your captain doesn't mind you working on appraisals while on duty. A good laptop will be a necessity as well as a personal cell phone.

I wish you well.

Mountain Man

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Jan 15, 2002
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Like Mike said, as long as the station duties get done, it's not against the rules or SOG's, and you don't wait until you are through with the cost approach to respond :p , why not?

I like my job because scheduling is flexable. Just make darn sure you don't over book yourself with inspections on your off days, and then the hardest part may be to finding a quite corner to work.

Walter Kirk

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Jun 24, 2003
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New Jersey
Part of the appeal of appraisal for me is the fact that I can make my own schedule. I also believe that it is easier to learn to be a good appraiser (as opposed to a form filler) by taking your time to do the first couple of hundred appraisals correctly.

If you can do two to three appraisals a per week, and spend lots of time thinking about them while not having to worry about making enough money to eat, do it.
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