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FUN FHA AIRPORT ? pleaee help

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Feb 18, 2002
this house is about 1.5 miles from the end of a runway of major airport.
It is in a home insulation program with new, furnace,cac,windows, doors from the city and whoever FAA maybe. Houses around this are FHA mortgages and ones even closer to airport. I can not find any clear zone info, airport people are useless. This situation with noise does not really affect neighborhood, market is well aware of some noise but not overbearing and neighborhood is increasing in value.
How do I adress this on FHA appraisal


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Jan 15, 2002
jwand, this is from the HUD Homeownership Center Reference Guide:

A. Airports  XE "Hazards & Nuisances:Airports" -1.
Airport Noise
a. Properties are not to be rejected solely because of airport influences (noise) if there is
evidence of acceptance in the market and if use of the dwellings is expected to continue.
Special consideration should be given to determine if there is indication that adverse
changes in market attitude are taking place in the area.
2. Hazards - Runway Clear Zones (aka Runway Protection Zones) at Civil Airports or Clear
Zones or Accident Potential Zone I at Military Airfields.
a. All dwellings are acceptable provided the prospective purchaser acknowledges
awareness that the property is located in a Runway Clear Zone/Clear Zone. See HUD
Handbook 4150.1, Rev-1, Sections 4-26 for a sample of the buyers acknowledgment
certification. This notification must be provided to the prospective purchaser at the time
loan application is initiated. (Also see section titled “Hazards and Nuisances”)
b. Properties located in Accident Potential Zone I at military airfields may be eligible. See
HUD Handbook 4150.2, Section 2-2 for details.

Disclose and be done with it...


You might try the city or county planning department for airport clear zone information. Another Idea would be to look at the airport approaches on the sectional chart or the airport approach plates to determine the routes of approaching or departing aircraft. You may have trouble getting this information at a major airport so try a small airfield near the big one. Pilots there must avoid the large airports and can explain the charts to you.

Farm Gal

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Jan 14, 2002
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Walts right..
Your best resource is the small metro airport, charts are often posted outside the near requisite coffee shop, if not, the office is generally open business hours and the folks are usually helpful.

:idea: I took a city county map and noted the areas on that map and was done with it, cheaper than paying for the air zone map(s).
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