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Getting Work?

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Michelle Cobb

Freshman Member
Jun 12, 2002
I live in GA and wanted to know exactly how to go about getting work. Most mortgage companies are generally the ones who order appraisals, right? So what do you do, just walk in there and drop off info, call them or what? I am working for a guy who doesn't send much my way but he said that I'd have to find most of my own work in the beginning. Its a really good split fee but I'm questioning whether I should just give up and go work for someone who can give work to me instead of me looking for it. I'm new so I dont really know what to do. Is there any books that deal with real estate appraisal: getting business, etc? I really need any info you guys can give? Help!!

Tim Hicks (Texas)

Elite Member
Jan 15, 2002
Professional Status
Certified Residential Appraiser
Sorry, there are no answers. Getting started is the hardest part. If you are a greenhorn and work for a licensed appraiser, you basically have to rely on them to get you work. If you are licensed and out on your own, then hopefully you made contacts while working for someone else. I have only two clients left from when I struck out on my own. Both are small time operators, but at least they are loyal (or more importantly, I am loyal to them). Most of my clients I have now stumbled across me or I stumbled across them. I do have one suggestion. Specialize in an area that nobody else wants to work. I probably do 70-90% of all the appraisals in a small town in a southern county. The Agents like me because I don't put them off because of their location and I don't look down on them like so many big city appraisers that think their property is worthless because of where it is at. Now, most appraisers turn down work in that area, the loan officers ask if they know an appraiser that services their area, and they always recommend me. Then, the mortgage company remembers me, too because I did not want charge them $500 like their guy wanted to do. I don't get rich off this small town, but it supplements my income and I know where every rural road is and almost every property that sold too. The kicker, since they have so much trouble getting appraisers to go there, they accept my repairs and conditions, because I deal with them fairly and honestly. Good Luck!

Leon Stewart

Jan 15, 2002

You didn't indicate whether you're licensed or unlicensed. If you don't have a license no one will order an appraisal report from you, the licensed person who you are suppose to be working with should have informed you of that fact. Unless he is just using you to try and sell his Appraisal Firm.

What you need is a legitimate training program in an Appraisal Shop or Business Firm that has work that can be used to train a person, and where you are now doesn't seem to be it.

How did you get caught up in this type of arrangement? It's the Licensed Person or the Business Firm who usually seeks out Clients since it's their Resume' that would be the determinant factor in whether the Firm can get new Clients or not, and that's who the Mortgage Company or Lender will ultimately holds responsibility for the quality of any work he might order.
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