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GSE reform in the news

Tawfik Ahdab

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Feb 19, 2003
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Right now, the companies are only allowed to retain a combined $6 billion in capital despite owning or guaranteeing $5.5 trillion of mortgages.
“I will tell you as a safety-and-soundness regulator, when I look at a $3 trillion institution that is leveraged 1,000 to 1, it keeps me up at night,” Federal Housing Finance Agency Director Mark Calabria, the companies’ regulator, told the committee.
“If we do nothing, this is going to end very badly,” he added.”

Appraisal waivers, anyone?

Randolph Kinney

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Apr 7, 2005
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North Carolina
Here's the plan: Fed should cut rates "to ZERO or less", so US can refinance debt and lengthen maturities.

Bert Craytor

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Jun 27, 2017
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As a moderate Republican, I hate to say, but we would be better off with an FDA/FBI like system for managing a core group of appraisers responsible for all auditing, government appraisals and appraisals of complex properties. I think much of this work could be subcontracted out, so that federal appraisers could in many cases work in the role of supervisors. This would allow them to bring on trainees and pay them reasonable fees. Federal appraisers could in turn go back into the private sector to work as subcontractors for the government or for enterprise.

The way things are now, supervisors mistreat and misuse trainees, and the trainees that make it though the system are not exactly the most independent thinkers.
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