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Has anyone qualified under the new rules?

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Terrel L. Shields

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May 2, 2002
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In the state newsletter, it details the steps necessary to get certified under the "new" rules of 1-1-08. Seems a lot of older classes might not be "acceptable" under new rules.

Seems to me this is one more hurdle, especially to any 'newbie' that might have started in say, 2007. Has anyone qualified for Certification from trainee status since 1-1-08?

Further, a new examiner was hired since the AQB has demanded the exam be "computer based".. No paper tests. Like that makes someone smarter.. AQB certainly has time on their hands don't they? The old provider looked at their situation and decided the demand for appraisal tests will be so low as to make it uneconomic for them to retool....are they telling us something?


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Feb 23, 2008
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I would like to share my experience in hopes that it helps others.

Around the first of last month I traveled to Little Rock to take my SL test at the Pearson Vue. The test was not available yet at the test center in Springdale at that time. The testing situation was fine and the people were very helpful. Now, I can honestly say with my prior appraisal education (180 hours beginning in 2006), I was not ready for the test. On previous class tests I scored well. The way the questions are asked is completely different than any class test I have taken. Basically, my first crack at the test became my practice test to just get the feel.

That said, I have not taken the second test yet. I have found two companies that offer a down loadable / on line test prep geared around the 2008 test:


I am utilizing both versions and both are great. I have contacted the board to let them know about this software. If I had this prior to the test I would have known I needed to wait. I feel that once I am scoring in the mid 90's on either one, I will be ready for the test.

Hope this helps someone else.
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