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Help-Low memory, Low system resource percentage

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I cought the virus, twice. First tme, paid to have it cleaned out. They gave it back. Virus was in there, got loose, and messed up machine.

NOW, the important part. At that time, I had only 64MB RAM, and without knowing to close all other programs, I opened wintotal/alamode, and it ran fine, although, with a lot of programs running, it sometimes froze up on me. I figured I'd need more memory soon. But, IT RAN>

Take the machine back to computer "experts", More $$$$. They say, you need more memory. The system was running about 60%. OK. pay more. add up to 194MB RAM. Use the computer & wintotal. It runs slow, and NOW, I get a low memory message. Go back to "experts", more $$, you need more memory. Installed up to 256MB Ram, AND a new hard drive.. to eliminate bugs altogether. Then they re-installed my programs onto new hard drive. Clean disks, scandisks, close out all other programs, and with wintotal open, it runs at about 45% system resources available. If I leave other programs open, it runs very very sloooooow.

I believe something else is wrong. I have the standard windows 98 MS programs that come with, a MLS connection program, a virus program, and wintotal. Others I know are running on 64 or 128 MB RAM. Mine did before !!!! Other folks say with 256 MB Ram, there's no reason the system percentage should be so low. It should be at 75 or 80 percent of resources.

I noticed that they installed the 2 128MB chips that were rated PC 133 each. The HP manual says they should be PC 100 each. Experts say it doesnt matter.

Anyone with the knowledge or experience, suggestions, please help. Thanks,
[email protected]

Terry Russell

Senior Member
Feb 24, 2002
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Appraiser Trainee

First of all do not go back to the experts for more RAM. What is the speed of your processor? I am guessing 133mHz.
Probably a Pentium I, which dates it about 1992.
I am afraid you need to upgrade your computer. Did the experts ever ask you what your processor speed is? All the RAM you can stuff in there is not going to speed up the tasking cspsbilities of your computer.
Take the RAM back to the experts, they should take it back and they should know that it will not help you.
If your budget won't let it work, you may have to use a less sophisticated program. There is a jillion things you can do.



Senior Member
Jan 15, 2002
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Retired Appraiser
FYI ..

Just replaced a disfunctional muthaboard in ladyfriend's computator .. 1.0G athelon processor .. was able to re-use existing SDRAM memory, etc .. total cost just over 100 bucks, including processor (from TigerDirect ..) ..


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Jan 15, 2002
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Certified General Appraiser
The memory you have is fine. The memory speed (133) will run at 100. You just can not have the speed below 100. Wintotal is a memory hog. It will use all that you have. In addition it prefers Win2000 or Windows XP. The problem maybe the speed of your processor. You would probably need at least a 1 ghz machine. If you have a slower machine, keep as few programs open as possible and start saving for a new machine. Because the program will only add additional bloat.

Good luck,

Jay Sosna
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