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Help with Renter

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Colorado Guy

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Feb 9, 2003
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I'm a first time landlord. Have rented/leased by ranch for over 3 years and all has been well - up until this month.

I rec'd a call from my renter about 2 weeks ago stating they wanted out of the lease. Lease runs from Dec 1, 07 until May 1, 08 and is a strong lease (prepared by a RE Attorney). I have called 6 or 7 times to return the call, but it just goes straight to voice mail. I do have their SSAN and DL #s.

March 4 (tomorrow) the rent is 3 days late. There is a late clause in the agreement. I have prepared a 3-day Demand Letter and will post this on the front door tomorrow. Then the fun of kicking them out of the home begins. In Colorado I understand this takes about 2 week.

I have already placed the property on the local MLS (rent or sale).

I was just looking for any constructive advise from you all (other than do not be a landlord - believe me if I could sale this I would!)

Mike Boyd

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Jan 18, 2002
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If they really wanted out of their lease (DUE in May), offer to let them out IF their rent is current and have not damaged the house. I hope you got an adequate security deposit. Do not reimburse them the deposit until after they move out and you have inspected the house. Make a list of any damages then deduct all labor and materials from their deposit. You will have to sue in small claims court to get a judgment for unpaid rent and damages that exceed their deposit. However, this is California law and it might be different where the rental house is located.
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