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Here is What I am circulating

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Jan 15, 2002
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Anyone care to add or circulate this through the EMail System is free to do so. Per Karl in AZ We have 87 days left to respond We need some concrete answers in order to make a response.

Here is what I believe we need to get working on as fast as possible cause in 2009 It does not appear that it will matter rather we have a board an examiner or whatever:

The Proposal signed Monday in NY appears that appraisals will be handled through a brand new source called Valuation Institute: Which basically means Appraisers themselves will have NO control over the process & this VI can will be the deciding factor IF your a team player or not rather you get work or not: Remember I have been telling you Younguns to get up & start fighting for your profession Well you got 88 days left to try to get some input into this.

This is my number 1 concern as in any business many of us actually know some very good MB's Lenders & for anyone that claims to be self employed kiss that good bye' from what I see so far with this proposal. Anyone that has worked hard to establish good clients it appears is now screwed. Wonder since your going to be controlled by Value Institute, are they the employer??

Questions that need answering

#1 Who is the Director of the Value Institute?

#2 Who is putting up the 24 Million to get it started

#3 Where is the money coming from to maintain VI

#4 What is the criteria to get suspended from being able to do Appraisals.

#5 What is the criteria to GET Appraisals?]

The pendulum was swinging from left to right, right to left & then just went berserk & with most cases those wanting to fix it after the crisis. They panic & go so far overboard that they destroy the complete process & fix it with a complete new set of processes. Sure those in the know already know how to work around some of the regulation. Look how fast this whole things is coming together. We got less than 88 days to respond & being the lowest on the list I personally don't see much happening IF they already have an agreement. Nothing is going to be perfect but a lawyer/politician with Cuomo's background & friends. I can't see it being good for those that are of no value to the contribution department of campaigning.

This is one time I hope I am completely "Off Base"
Not open for further replies.
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